September 24th, 2021

Tell us about yourself

I’m someone who’s working on being completely herself in every way: as an artist, and photographer. I like to explore life in a real and unique way. This inspires me, and makes me want to create, and be a better human.
I’m also learning to be a mother of a 2-year-old child. Trying my best to share my life and time with her without forgetting myself.

What inspired you to get into photography?

I’m not completely sure. My grandparents were creative people, which gave me closeness to art in some way. As a kid, I was a quiet girl. I liked to observe before talking. I supposed I like to express my thoughts and feelings through my photos.
I also find magic in the process of taking a picture of a moment and having it last forever.

Has your method changed over time?

Sure. Everything has been changing during my time doing photography. I am now more selective in the kind of projects I’m doing and having another perspective on how I visualize the result. It is an evolution of my work before, but still in progress.

Describe your creative process?

I usually work on a moodboard to find inspiration and direction for a project. On a shoot, I like to explore what’s happening in the moment, and  not follow the path 100%, just as a guideline.
I like to make a connection with the model, person, subject I’m working with. This way we both can feel more comfortable while we are shooting. I love seeing the result. Making a selection that makes sense,  and working on the color and details of the images.

What are the key elements that you search for when taking a photograph?

Finding a weird angle or another perspective.

Is there a theme in your work?

Not really. Although the word Nostalgia could describe some phases of my work.

What message do you hope to transmit to your viewer?

There is always another perspective.

Tell us about P Magazine and how that project started.

P Magazine is a hardcover limited edition art book published annually as a collector’s edition, curated by Rik Bracho and myself.  With exclusive photography and content created by contributors across the globe, P Magazine manifests different expressions of beauty, sensuality and human nature. The book is produced in the warm land of Mexico.
We founded P Magazine in 2013, with the idea of creating a Mexican publication with a different angle. Both Rik and me are lovers of print publications. It was easy for us to agree on how we were going to develop, curate and give life to this project, since we share a home together and have similar taste.

Name 3 artists you admire most?

Helmut Newton, Wes Anderson, and Purienne

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Be consistent. At the beginning it is important to be working all the time, to make your day to day a way for you to practice and practice, and find your own style and taste. Then you can be more selective and practice in what is more exciting for you. Never stop exploring and learning. It is possible to do what you like. It takes time but the path can be magical too 🙂

For you, what role does art play in society?

I believe art opens doors in society to a different way of thinking, free expression, emotions and self-explorations.
That way, we can be closer as human beings. Sharing our emotions, thoughts and ourselves as we are.