April 7th — April 29th, 2022

High Line Nine Galleries

New York, NY 


ANENT presents NATURAL PORTALS, its second exhibition in New York City featuring works by Mexican Photographers: Mariana García and Magaly Ugarte de PabloNATURAL PORTALS consists of a selection of photographs with nature as one of the main visual elements of the works. This exhibition invites the viewer to consider the beauty and mystery of our natural surroundings.

Mariana García ( Monterrey, 1986 ) Photographer and Creative Director of P-Magazine, a hardcover limited edition art book with exclusive content and photography. Her works spans from portrait to editorial to fine art, and shows her interest in the female body, which she finds mysterious and powerful. Personal portraits, documenting landscapes and capturing moments in life are all part of her creative process. Mariana's work has been exhibited in: "Power", Gotxicoa (Mexico, 2020), "Unframed", ANENT Gallery (Brooklyn, 2019), "Breaking Borders", Industry/PDX Design Week (Portland, 2019), Zona Maco Foto (Mexico City, 2017), "Origen", Malaquita (Art Basel Miami, 2015), and "Lark Show" (Vancouver, 2007).

Magaly Ugarte de Pablo (Ciudad Juárez, 1988) Photographer and filmmaker. Magaly’s work navigates the stillness of landscapes, sentient characteristics of still life, architectural compositions and portraits. Through cinema and photography, she presents us with alluring compositions found in the everyday.  Her interests involve sci-fi representation in literature and cinema, body and gender studies, astronomy, new technologies and its relationship with the human being, the preservation of our species and supernatural folklore. Her work has been exhibited at “22” (Mexico City, 2022), “Gif Art”, Nau Gallery (Stockholm, 2015), and “Cultura Colectiva” (Mexico City, 2014).