April 27th — April 29th, 2022

High Line Nine Galleries

New York, NY 

Garza Studio is a design practice founded by Mexican architect Leonardo Garza (b. Monterrey, 1988).  

In 2020, Garza released the Ambient Modular System, a set of modular stools inspired by the ethos of ambient music translated into pure, clean and atmospheric forms.

Two years later, further expanding this conceptual universe, Garza is proud to present Table for Vase, a carefully crafted black lacquered wood dining table, topped with a detachable stainless steel plate and vase functioning as the centerpiece. The table comes together without the need for screws or hardware, conceived as a set of pieces that fit each other with structural integrity; a depurated design that honors the qualities of wood.

Table for Vase is the first piece of Garza’s new Ambient Collection which will be revealed throughout the year. This launch accompanies the spring’s invitation to gather again around the table and celebrate the reset of the natural cycles.

Ambient Collection by Garza is presented by Anent Gallery,  in the context of the exhibition Natural Portals featuring the work of Mexican photographers Magaly Ugarte de Pablo and Mariana García.

Photos by Sean Davidson