December 4th — 14th, 2019

Brooklyn, New York 


ANENT is pleased to present UNFRAMED, its first pop-up exhibition in New York featuring works by four contemporary Mexican Photographers: Rodrigo Chapa, Mariana García, Erick Conceka and Rosita García.

UNFRAMED shows a curation of photographs not framed within a theme, but rather a selection of works we love and that represents each artist’s inspirations.

RODRIGO CHAPA Monterrey, Mexico — 1987

The works selected for this exhibition are part of Ausentes, a series that references abstract expressionism. Chapa composes images with color field background and a dancer as a subject. He captures the movement of the subject, in which the documentation of the physical manifestation of the dancer becomes the work of art. Chapa is based out in Mexico City and is co-owner of Estudio Tampiquito, a photographic and printing studio.

MARIANA GARCÍA Monterrey, Mexico — 1986

Photographer and creative director of P-Magazine, a hardcover limited edition art book with exclusive content and photography. Mariana’s work is a collection of pieces that highlight her interest of documenting landscapes and the female body, which she finds mysterious, powerful and magical.

ERICK CONCEKA Mexico City — 1988

Conceka’s work embodies the relationship between human nature and its environment, where the sense of belonging and self-identity plays an important role in his photographs. The selected works span from street photography to portraits, in which three pieces are part of the series, I Wonder If Anyone Can Hear Me, that explore the links established between the artist with womanhood and nature, both of which are central to the series. The work tackles fear, doubts, and interactions related to fragments of his life.

ROSITA GARCÍA Ciudad Victoria, Mexico — 1986

García is based out in New York City, and her works are mostly street photography. Garcia’s work harnesses an understated simplicity while drawing inspiration from music, personal and everyday life experiences in this busy city.